What Kind of Handbag Women Are You?

Posted by Kathy on May 23, 2017 in News Oxford Style

There are basically two types of women when it comes to handbags.

The first type is the Non-Changer.  This woman loves her neutrals and carries the same bag for a season or even all year. Call her a mastermind, call her creative. She has a few staple, high end handbags that can be paired with any occasion. Whether it’s a business meeting or pool party, she knows how to make her handbag work.

Next, there is the Frequent-Changer. She changes frequently and has a handbag wardrobe. Look in her closet and you’ll find more purses than shoes, more wristlets then lipsticks, and more totes than jackets. This woman wants to make her handbag part of statement with her outfit. Every. Single. Outfit.

But now, we can’t forget there is a hybrid of the two types.  The same neutral bag the Non-Changer loves and trusts, now comes in several different colors the Frequent-Changer can pair with anything.

Reintroducing the The Small Scarf Bag – Now in 5 beautiful colors! Choose from Natural, Porto Tile, Black, Brown, White or buy many different colors to match with any outfit or occasion.

Because if one is good, two is better.

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