Why Cork?


Cork is a one of a kind, eco-friendly textile. When you first touch this fabric it is hard to imagine it comes from the bark of a tree. Also known as nature’s leather, cork is soft to the touch, very lightweight, and extremely durable. A fully recyclable product, cork is waterproof, stain resistant, fire resistant and dirt repellent. Cork is natural so it’s colors won’t fade and it isn’t prone to stretches or tears. Find out why the world is moving to cork! Hypoallergenic, naturally buoyant, sustainable and vegan: Everyone can benefit from using this material and the possibilities for creating are endless.


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During the harvest process, cork is found by stripping off bark from a Quercus Suber tree. These trees, commonly known as cork oak trees, are found within the Mediterranean region in countries like Portugal and Spain. Every 7-10 years, the bark grows thick enough to be harvested off for cork production. Unlike the making of leather, there is no plant or animal harm during the removal process. The cork tree is not cut down or hurt; the farmer simply removes the bark which then grows back.

Processing cork is chemical free. Once harvested, the cork bark is left to dry for over six months then goes through all-natural processes to stretch, compact, and manufacture the material. In order to dye cork different colors, Oxford Handbags uses all-natural pigments.